Residential Design Services

We primarily offer residential design services for remodels and additions in the Portland Metro area. We will work closely with you to develop a design that takes into consideration your home’s layout, style, and structure, balanced with your needs and budget. Then we’ll develop a set of drawings to take you through the permitting and construction process. [Read more…]

On-Site Consultation & Analysis

You have ideas about what you can do with your home but there’s so many variables to consider that you’re stuck. During our on-site consultation, we’ll discuss your hopes and do an on-site visit to your home to investigate your space, how the home is built and how it is situated on your property. We’ll work together to outline your needs – a growing family, integrating a home office, better interior flow – and come up with a list of options for how best to accomplish what you need your home to do. [Read more…]

Property Research

Each property is unique. Before you add onto your home, you need to know how zoning and building code restrictions affect your plan. In Portland, there are also numerous special “overlay zones” and design districts which may require additional consideration. Many, many properties have non-conforming issues that may need to be rectified in order to make structural changes. We can work with you to figure out what these issues are and how they may affect your project. [Read more…]